The Symbologist CV

Michelle Paula Snyder, M. Phil.
Grafton, MA - 781 799 0569

Professional Accomplishments and Education - 1972-2019

  • Founder, Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive, Grafton, MA
  • Business manager, White Knight Home Repair, Inc., Framingham, MA
  • Co-owner, White Knight Studio, Framingham, MA  
  • Co-owner, Sharelle Graphics, Inc., Barrington, NH
  • A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 1: The Lost Unicorn
  • A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 2: The Lost Mermaid
  • A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 3: The Lost Dragon
  • The Fairy Tales, Once Upon a Time Lessons, first book
  • Call of the Dragon and Other Tales of Wonder
  • Tears of the Dragon and Other Tales of Wonder
  • Symbology: Art and Symbols
  • Symbology: Decoding Symbols through History 
  • Symbology: Decoding Classic Images
  • Symbology: Fairy Tales Uncovered
  • Symbology: ReVision
  • Symbology: Hidden in Plain Sight
  • World of Symbols
  • World of Symbols: Secrets of the Mermaids   
  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Art, Artists, and God
  • Appreciating art for K -12 

  • Forward: The Craftsman’s Symbology, Selected Symbols of the Entered Apprentice Degree by Anthony Mongelli
  • Columnist: “The Symbologist,” The Arlington Advocate, Arlington, MA         
  • Columnist: “Boston Symbology Examiner,” The Examiner
  • Columnist: “The World of Symbols,” Listen and Be Heard, Vallejo, CA
  • Art Reviewer: Listen & be Heard Art Review, Vallejo, CA

Public Speaker  
  • Caleb Butler Lodge, Ayer, MA: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • Grand Lodge of New Jersey: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • Aurora Chapter, Natick, MA: Symbology, an Introduction
  • Mt. Zion Lodge, Metuchen, NJ: Symbology, Decoding Classic Images
  • Massachusetts Lodge of Research, MA: Introduction to Symbology
  • Ezekiel Lodge, Attleboro, MA: Symbology, Decoding Classic Images
  • Alpha Lodge, Framingham, MA: Symbology
  • Massachusetts Lodge of Research, MA: Symbols of the Lost Secrets 
  • OES Chapter 9, Natick, MA: Secrets of the Mermaids
  • Robbins Library, Arlington, MA: Secrets of the Mermaids
  • Meridian Lodge, Natick, MA: Symbols of the Lost Secrets 
  • Past Masters Association: Symbols of the Lost Secrets 
  • Massachusetts Lodge of Research: Symbols of the Lost Secrets 
  • DAR, Jackson Chapter, Wellesley, MA: Connecting DAR to Mermaids
  • OES, Chapter 114, Newtonville, MA: Connecting the Eastern Star to Mermaids
  • Framingham State University: Secrets of the Mermaids
  • Framingham State University: Once Upon a Time, the Greatest Love Stories Ever Told
  • Vallejo Artists Guild, Vallejo, CA: Introduction to Symbolism
  • Fetterly Arts Center, Vallejo, CA: Symbols that Talk: Symbolism of Cartooning children’s workshop
  • League of Women Voters, Wakefield, MA: Winning Image for Women Workshop

  • Lexington Continuing Ed, Lexington, MA: Introduction to Symbolism, Symbolism of Folklore and Mythology; Drawing with Pen and Ink
  • White Knight Studio, Arlington, MA: Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Lexington Arts and Crafts Guild, Lexington, MA: Pen and ink workshop
  • Tutor, Extreme Learn, Vallejo, CA: K - 4 After school reading program
  • New Earth Academy, Napa, CA: 9 – 12 Art and art history
  • Vallejo Artists Guild, Vallejo, CA: Designing symbols workshop
  • Grace Evangelical Seminary, Bangor, ME: Biblical symbolism
  • Adult education, Bangor Public Schools, ME: 2D Design, color theory, and art appreciation
  • Penobscot Christian School, Bangor, ME: K – 6 Art & art history; student art shows
  • Highview Academy, Charleston, ME: K – 12 Art, English, science, catapult competition      
  • Good Shepherd School, Barrington, NH: K – 8 Art and art history; student art shows
  • Private tutor: Art and Design, Pen and Ink

Publisher, Illustrator, Editor 
  • Memories, Meanderings, and Metaphors, Logan Richards
  • Calling from Carowak, Dennis Kantor
  • Believe It, A Love Story, Logan Richards
  • Detour, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Marmalade and Toast, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Little Jackie Sparrow, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Livia’s Way, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Fathers Don’t Say Goodbye, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Ice Age Language: Translations, Vocabulary, and Grammar, R. Duncan-Enzmann and J R Snyder
  • Flight of the Summer Bird, Roberta Duncan
  • Siberian Prison, Ernst v. Enzmann
  • Vera, Roberta Duncan
  • Hometown Yellow Pages, Sharelle Graphics publisher
  • The Pocket Wedding Planner, Sharelle Graphics publisher

  • The Green Man, produced by J. R. Snyder, White Knight Studio

  • Blog: The Language of Once Upon a Time 
  • Blog: Fairy Tale Fever
  • Blog: Zhen Ren Chuan
  • Blog: Enzmann Starship
  • Blog: Ice Age Language
  • Guest blogger: NERD Community
  • Guest blogger: Two Ends of the Pen  
  • Guest blogger: The 3:15 Club  
  • Guest blogger: Laura Deluca  
  • Guest blogger: New Age Mama  
  • Guest blogger: Jet Fueled Fiction

  • Interview with The Symbologist. Ezekiel Bates Lodge, Attleboro, MA 2017
  • Feathered Quill Book Reviews, interview 2017
  • Fairy Tales Live, 2015, Burlington Union
  • Author Michelle Snyder Speaks, 2012, interview JV Radio
  • The Arlington Advocate: April 27, 2011: Book release, Symbology: Decoding Classic Images
  • The Arlington Advocate: April 22, 2010: Local editor & illustrator for book release of Vera
  • Listen & Be Heard: Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Magazine, 2005: Local artist and symbologist
  • Bangor Daily News, September 2003: Local artist and teacher with neuromuscular disease honored

  • Special Recognition Award, Listen & Be Heard: Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Magazine, November, 2006: For contribution of articles and workshops on symbolism 
  • Letter of recognition, US Senator Susan Collins, August 2003: Congratulations for acceptance of artwork by MDA
  • Certificate of Recognition of Achievement Award, Maine Legislative Sentiment sponsored by State Senator W. Tom Sawyer, January 2003: Congratulations for artwork accepted by MDA, recognition of efforts as art teacher with neuromuscular disease, and completion of Associates Degree
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, January, 2003: For artistic contribution
  • Firefly Moon gift shop, Arlington, MA
  • Starbucks Cafe, Lexington, MA
  • Carey Memorial Library, Lexington, MA
  • Remax Realty, Lexington, MA
  • Lexington Arts and Crafts Guild, Lexington, MA
  • St. Helena Artists Guild, St. Helena, CA
  • Housing & Urban Development, Vallejo, CA
  • Vallejo Artists Guild, Vallejo, CA
  • Muscular Dystrophy National Collection, Tucson, AR

  • M. Phil., University of Wales, Lampeter, UK
  • Internship with Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann
  • Assoc. Arts, University of Maine, Augusta
  • Biblical Studies, Faith School of Theology, Charleston, ME
  • Graphic Design, Studio for Interrelated Media, Mass College of Art, Boston, MA
  • Fashion Design and Art History, Massey Junior College, Atlanta, GA
  • Brookline High School, class of 1970

  • Certificate of Achievement, University of Maine, Augusta, for the John Blodgett Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Honor cords and Dean’s list, University of Maine, Augusta

  • Science of symbology, symbol and signature theory; investigate translation and origin of prehistoric to contemporary symbols; development of extensive taxonomy; comparative research, tracing symbols to their roots, dating them, and placing them in proper historic context. Research and compilation of ice age inscriptions, and translations by Duncan-Enzmann for publication. Research is ongoing.

Additional Class Certificates
           ·         University of Leeds: Starting a Business 1
           ·         Trinity University: Successful Strategies for Aging
           ·         University of Strathclyde: Introduction to Forensic Science
           ·         Monash University: Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance
           ·         University of Auckland: Logical and Critical Thinking
           ·         Hans Christian Anderson Center: Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
           ·         Open University: Starting Writing Fiction
           ·         University of Liverpool: Superpowers of the Ancient World, The Near East