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Jay and Michelle have been in business together since 1979. 

Jay R Snyder: Designer

Owner operator, White Knight Home Repair 
Owner operator,White Knight Studio
Painting & construction, William Pogor Contracting, N. Andover, MA
Manager, Panera Bread Company, Cambridge, MA
Stage Manager, set design and construction, All About Us children’s theater, Wellesley, MA
Manager/ IT, Fetterly Arts Center, Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, CA
Producer/Director, Weekly 1-hour TV/Radio Simulcasts, Bangor, ME
105.7 the X, PD, MD, Morning Show, Weekly Top 30 Countdown Host/Producer, ME
Instructor, Mass Communications, Bangor Christian High School, ME
Master Control (IBEW), WABI-TV5, Bangor, ME

Michelle Snyder: Editor, Publisher
Author, editor, publisher, blogger, White Knight Studio
Art and Design instructor, private and public classes, WKS, Natick, MA
Mythology and Symbolism instructor, Continuing Ed, Lexington, MA
Speaker and presenter, private and educational venues 
Set Design & construction, All About Us children's theater, Wellesley, MA
Set construction, Vallejo Arts Center Community Theater, Vallejo, MA

Are you writing a book? 

White Knight Studio offers editing, design,  and publishing services to authors. Contact Michelle or Jay at whiteknightstudio @ hotmail.com to open a conversation about preparing your book for publication, or request services and prices. (Put "publish" in the subject line.) Or call 508 309 3772.  

Authors we publish for: 

Books we have published

Michelle Paula Snyder

A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 3 - Amazon.

A collection of original fairy tales, to be read to children, enjoyed while you do - Amazon.

A classic fairy tale collection within an original fairy tale, to be read to children - Amazon

A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 1 - Amazon

A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 2 -  Amazon.

Michelle Snyder, Symbologist: 

Symbology: Symbols defined, decoded, and traced to their roots in prehistory -  Amazon

Symbology: Decoding revised. Bigger illustrations, more chapters -  Amazon. 

Familiar fairy tales decoded and elements in them traced to their roots -  Amazon. 

A unique collection of symbols arranged by subject (Tarot, Alchemy, etc.) decoded - Amazon. 

A collection of art and illustrations by Michelle Snyder, with explanation of the symbols - Amazon. 

Symbology and symbols decoded, eBook. Available at Amazon for Kindle. 

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann & Jay Robert Snyder: 

Translations of ice age inscriptions dated 12,500 BC, with illustrations - Amazon

Dennis Kantor

A story for children - Amazon

Logan Richards

A verisimilitude love story - Amazon

Roberta Duncan:

A verisimlitude about a child prodigy in Maine, at the start of WW II - Amazon. 

E v Enzmann

A biographical account of a WW I soldier taken prisoner to Siberia, and his escape on foot to China. 

Jack Rosenbaum: 

A fanciful short script - Amazon

A book for young chapter-readers - Amazon.

A book for young chapter-readers -  Amazon.

A loving memoir -  Amazon.

Sentimental stories about the author's life -  Amazon. 

James Weaver: 

Biographical fiction - Amazon

All books are available at Amazon

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